Executive Vice-Dean

Infection and pregnancy, HPV vaccine and cervical cancer prevention, HIV in women, HIV in pregnancy

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Clinical Assistant Professor

Infectious Diseases, HIV, AIDS, mHealth (M-Health), Global Health, Innate Immunity

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phone: 6048754588
Professor and Program Director, Clinical Investigator Program

urban health, addiction, HIV, medical editing, editorial independence, homelessness

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Associate Professor, AIDS Division

Harm reduction, injection drug users, HIV / AIDS, safe injection site, addiction, opioids, fentanyl

phone: 6048069116

infections (travel, sexually transmitted diseases, water borne, vector borne, zoonotic); bioterrorism; antibiotic use; public health issues related to communicable disease; climate change, environmental degredation, inequities and infection

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phone: 6048754588
Director, Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences

Cost effectiveness of AIDS treatments; drug assessments – pharmacoeconomics; health care economics; health regulations

phone: 6048068712

injection drug use, population health, epidemiology, urban health, HIV/AIDS, antiretroviral therapy, addiction, opioids, fentanyl

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Clinical Instructor

Primary Care, Family Medicine, Poverty, Social Determinants of Health, Health Inequities, Health Care of Marginalized Populations, Private vs. Public Health Care Debate, Health Care Reform

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Associate Professor of Medicine
Associate Faculty, School of Population and Public Health
Canada Research Chair, Global Sexual Health
Director, Gender & Sexual Health Initiative

epidemiology, HIV/AIDS, sex work, public health, community health, gender epidemiology, health prevention, social determinants of health, community-based research, gender inequities, sexual health, vulnerable populations, structural determinants, qualitative evaluations, HIV/STI prevention

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Lecturer in International Forestry

poverty; forests; livelihoods; indigenous people; Africa; First Nations; traditional knowledge; protected areas; parks; conservation; MOOCs; online education

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Research Fellow

Addictions and policy

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Assistant Professor

Sociology of health and illness, socio-economic well being, substance use, HIV/AIDS, urban health, health disparities

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Professor in the Department of Medicine
Head, UBC Division of AIDS
Director, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS, HIV, AIDS, HIV research, HIV treatment, HIV prevention, antiretroviral therapy, ART, HAART, HIV salvage therapy, therapeutic drug monitoring, HIV drug resistance, treatment as prevention, TasP, expansion of HIV testing and treatment, routine HIV testing, HIV and ageing, global HIV response, global HIV epidemic, HIV criminalization, hepatitis C, hepatitis C treatment, harm reduction

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Instructor 1

Filipino, race, sexuality, migration, immigration, social services, Philippines, HIV, cities, diversity, multiculturalism, racism, caregivers, nannies

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