Professor (Retired)

sustainability and business, global markets for wood products, China’s impact on the global value chain for wood products, Japan’s housing sector,secondary wood manufacturing

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Professor and Director, Institute for European Studies

European integration; euro and global currency regimes; international trade and fdi; sustainability and innovation policies; global macroeconomics;European politics

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Professor & School Director

Economics, Macro and Monetary Economics Economic Policy, Monetary and Fiscal Policy, Deficits, Exchange Rates, Capital Flows, Financial Crises

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Vinod Sood Professor of International Business Studies
Professor, Strategy and Business Economics Division
Professor, Operations and Logistics Division
Director, Forest Economics and Policy Analysis Research Unit

entrepreneurship; innovation; international business; foreign direst investment; forest economics; forest policy; international trade policy; softwood lumber agreement; forest tenure policies; cross-cultural management

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Director and Associate Professor

Asian Politics, EU politics, geopolitics, China-US relations, Canada-Asia relations, G20, global finance, globalization, global governance, climate change, GMOs, TPP, WTO negotiations, Chinese politics, Chinese economics, Japanese politics, Japanese economy, Euro crisis, European Union, France, French politics

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Asia Pacific Professor in International Business and Public Policy

international trade; government; economic policy; budgets; international and environmental economics

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Associate Professor

High-tech businesses, innovation, international trade, exchange rates, currency unions, environmental economics, e-business, international environmental issues, trade and the environment, Canada’s National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI), public policy and the economics of cannabis prohibition

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Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law

politics, government, defense, military, Arctic, sovereignty, United States, human rights, civil liberties, terrorism, international, United Nations, NATO, Middle East, arms control, nuclear, treaties, diplomacy, environment, climate change, law

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Assistant Professor

Southeast Asia, South East Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Burma, ASEAN, development, ethnicity, race, integration, international trade, South China Sea

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Senior Associate Dean, Research
Professor, Strategy and Business Economics Division

International trade, international investment, trade policy, international economics.

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Assistant Professor

International trade, trade policy