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In the Media

IN CHINESE: “Should Foreigners Choose Sinicized Chinese Names?” (20 Apr. 2014). -Sing Tao

IN CHINESE: “Chinese Everywhere: Scholars See The Language’s Increasing Importance” (9 Nov. 2013). -Sing Tao

IN CHINESE: “Pai Hsien-yung Reveals the True History of the Republic” (Bai Xianyong poxi Minguo lishi zhenxiang) (30 Sept. 2013).  -Ming Pao Daily News

“What Onion saga says about China’s sense of humor” (30 Nov. 2012).  – CNN

“China’s Canadian Casting Call: They’ve Got the Money, We’ve Got the Talent” (28 Nov. 2012).  -The Globe and Mail

“Mo Yan’s Nobel Prize in Literature – Interview with Dr. Christopher Rea” UBC Institute for Asian Research, October 15, 2012.

Featured radio interview on Mo Yan’s 2012 Nobel Prize for Literature on Connect Asia program, Radio Australia, October 12, 2012. Transcript titled “China ‘vindicated’ by Mo Yan’s Nobel literature prize.”

“Telefilm, Canadian Movies to Tap Chinese Market” (4 Dec. 2011).

IN CHINESE: “The North American Lei Feng’: Christopher Rea Writes China’s New History of Laughter” (‘Beimei Lei Feng’ Lei Qinfeng zhuanxie Zhongguo ‘xin xiaoshi’), December 17, 2009.

IN CHINESE: “Sinologist Christopher Rea: Finding Hidden Laughter in Chinese Culture” (Hanxuejia Lei Qinfeng: zhenjiu Zhongguo wenhua zhong “xiao” de diyun), September 10, 2010.


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