Edward Slingerland

Edward Slingerland

Professor, Dept. of Asian Studies

Canada Research Chair in Chinese Thought and Embodied Cognition

Director, Cultural Evolution of Religion Research Consortium

Co-Director, Centre for the Study of Human Evolution, Cognition and Culture

Associate Member, Depts. of Philosophy and Psychology

Faculty of Arts

Vancouver Campus


Asia, China, Philosophy / Ethics, Religion

Contact Information


work phone: 604-827-3160


Facebook/ slingerland3

Alternate Contact

Erik Rolfsen

Senior Media Relations Specialist

Tel: 604.822.2644

Cell: 604.209.3048

Email: erik.rolfsen@ubc.ca


Asian Studies, Chinese philosophy, philosophy, religion, religion and conflict, secularism, spontaneity, ethics, science-humanities integration, interdisciplinarity, interdisciplinary research

In the Media

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