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Field ecology, causes and consequences of plant invasions, effects of climate change on plant communities, global warming, greenhouse effect, greenhouse gases,

In the Media

A warming climate brings new crops to frigid zones
Wall Street Journal

Climate change is upending the predictability of Italy’s wine industry
Seattle Times

Italy’s wine industry is being tested by the effects of climate change in its vineyards
Washington Post, SF Gate, MSN

Soon we’ll all have a chance to drink rare wines

36-Year Climate Change Record Found in Cycle Racing Footage
National Geographic

Bordeaux in China, Champagne in Kent
BBC World Service

Climate Change: Timing of Allergy Season and Spring Flowers Is Shifting
Inverse, Metro

Goodbye cabernet sauvignon. How climate change will end wine as we know it.
Washington Post, USA Today, Telegraph (UK), The Hill, Telegraph (India), CTV, Vancouver Sun