Hector Williams, BA Hons, MA, PhD

Hector Williams, BA Hons, MA, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Classics and Classical Archaeology

Faculty of Arts

Dept. of Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies

Vancouver Campus


Animal Welfare, Anthropology, History, Middle East

Contact Information

Chosen name and pronouns:

Hector Williams (He/Him/His)


Tel: 604-224-2073

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Erik Rolfsen

Senior Media Relations Specialist

Tel: 604.822.2644

Cell: 604.209.3048

Email: erik.rolfsen@ubc.ca

Sachintha Wickramasinghe

Media Relations Specialist

Tel: 604-822-4549

Email: sachi.wickramasinghe@ubc.ca


Fifty years of experience in maritime archaeology in Mediterranean and Arctic; classical archaeology in Greece and Turkey. Maritime history of Canada. Maritime museums (on board of Vancouver Maritime Museum for 30 years). Vampire archaeology (National Geographic tv special). Atlantis (once regular on CBC radio and tv on Atlantis stories).



Modern Greek

some Turkish

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