Jacqueline L. Sunderland-Groves, MPhil

Jacqueline L. Sunderland-Groves, MPhil

Research Scientist

Faculty of Forestry

Department of Forest Resources Management

Vancouver Campus



Contact Information


phone: 604-822-1148


Twitter/ @JLSGroves

Alternate Contact

Lou Corpuz-Bosshart

Media Relations Specialist

Tel: 604 822 2048

Email: lou.bosshart@ubc.ca


great ape ecology and conservation related research, reintroduction and management of complex conservation programs

In the Media

How B.C. researchers forced to leave the jungle are still studying orangutans, and what they’re seeing so far – CTV, iHeartRadio, September 2020 Animals impacted by COVID-19 – Simi Sara Show, September 2020 UBC scientist to share experiences rehabilitating orangutans in Indonesia – Canadian Press, December 2018 Baby orangutans attend ‘jungle school’ run by UBC researcher – Toronto Star, November 2018