Kees Lokman, MDesS, MSc

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Twitter/ keeslokman

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Lou Corpuz-Bosshart

Media Relations Specialist

Tel: 604 822 2048



coastal adaptation, planning and design of infrastructure to address climate risk and sustainability

In the Media

Parts of B.C., Quebec could be underwater if the planet keeps warming – Weather Network, November 2021 As sea levels rise, B.C. coastal cities could face flooding from moon’s ‘wobble’ – CBC, July 2021 With flood infrastructure at ‘high risk of failure,’ Vancouver seeks upgrades – Vancouver Sun, February 2021 New partnership aims to help B.C. communities adapt to surging seas – UBC media release, December 2020 B.C. lacks overarching authority to oversee coastal flood management, ecosystem conservation: researcher – Globe and Mail (Canadian Press), December 2020 B.C. lacks plans for rising seas and flooding, coastal adaptation researcher says – CBC (Canadian Press), December 2020 Wetlands, not walls, may be key to managing flooding as sea levels rise – Vancouver Sun, December 2020 Research project launches to address sea level rise associated with climate change on the B.C. coast – CBC All Points West, December 2020 Four-year research project to help communities prepare and adapt for sea level rise and flooding – CFAX 1070 with host Adam Stirling, December 2020 Who’s in charge of keeping B.C. dry as sea levels rise? With no singular climate plan, it’s every community for itself – Globe and Mail, February 2020 Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum proposes turning street into canal as a tourist attraction – Globe and Mail, December 2019 Disaster-proofing our cities requires concerted effort, says UBC expert – UBC media release, September 2017