Marc-David Seidel, PhD, MBA, MS, BA

Marc-David Seidel, PhD, MBA, MS, BA

Director, W. Maurice Young Centre for Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Research

Professorship in Innovation, Associate Professor, OBHR Division, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group

Sauder School of Business

Vancouver Campus


Demographics, Labour, Organizational Behaviour / Human Resources, Race, Technology, Transportation

Contact Information

phone: 604-827-5155

Twitter/ marcdavidseidel

Alternate Contact

Sachi Wickramasinghe

Media Relations Specialist

Tel: 604-822-4549



Innovation, entrepreneurship, innovation ecosystems, distributed trust, blockchain, startups, social networks, immigration, discrimination, employment relationship, hiring, promotions, salary negotiation, corporate governance, director selection, telecommunications, long distance industry, airlines, travel, e-commerce

In the Media

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