Women’s rights, voting, suffrage, 19th Amendment, Sui Sin Far, early Chinese Canadian history, Chinese Canadian writers, women writers

In the Media

Letter of the Week: “Rape chant was harassment and UBC action was correct” – The Province, Sept. 29, 2013. Co-authored with Margot Young.

“More women elected in B.C. than ever before” – Vancouver Sun, May 16, 2013.

“A new light shines on the mother of Asian-American literature, Edith Eaton” – Globe and Mail, Feb. 25, 2013. Interviewed by Marsha Lederman.

“Mary Chapman and ‘Treacherous Texts’” – CBC Radio’s North By Northwest, Feb. 23, 2013

Broadcast Interview – Presented by Ann Arbor League of Women Voters as part of “Liberty Awakes” Exhibit, April 2011


“Finding Forgotten History: Sui Sin Far” – CNC World News, March 29, 2013. Interviewed By Alan Campbell.