Dr. Meaghan Thumath

Contact Information

Chosen name and pronouns:

Meaghan Thumath (She/Her/Hers)


phone: 604-675-3869


Twitter/ MeaghanThumath

Alternate Contact

Erik Rolfsen

Senior Media Relations Specialist

Tel: 604.822.2644

Cell: 604.209.3048

Email: erik.rolfsen@ubc.ca


Overdose, Substance Use, Addiction, Mental Health, Opioid Crisis, Drug Use, Harm Reduction, Homelessness, Gender, Women Drug Use, Child Welfare, Child Custody, Maternal Mortality, Marginalized Women, Vulnerable Women, Drug Treatment, Infectious Diseases, Public Health, Communicable Disease Control, Outbreaks, COVID, Monkeypox, HIV, AIDS, Sexual Health, Contraception, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STIs), syphilis, congenital syphilis, Nursing, Nurses, Global Health, WHO, Ebola, International Health, Health Equity

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