Associate Professor

Ecojustice and sustainability education, Indigenous education, advanced research methodology, indigenizing research, Indigenous community engagement, research with St’at’imc and Kichwa-lamista (high Amazon in Peru) and Cusco-sacred valley area of Peruvian Andes, First Nations and settler relations, language and cultural regeneration, ecotechnology, ecopedagogy, ecoliteracy, environmental studies, researching with Indigenous peoples, human nonhuman and more-than-human relationalities and Indigenous peoples, aboriginal and northern studies, Indigenous rituals and ceremonies, indigeneity and essentialism, cultural appropriation, appropriation of voice, intellectual property appropriation, aboriginal and Indigenous knowledges in the academy, academic colonization, aboriginal peoples and the performing and visual arts, Indigenous traditions in education, Indigenous healing and wellness modalities, Indigenous peoples and genocide, Indigenous peoples and place-based education, sustainable development