Dr. Steven Hallam, PhD

Dr. Steven Hallam, PhD


Faculty of Science

Dept. of Microbiology & Immunology, Genome Sciences and Technology, Bioinformatics, Life Sciences Institute

Vancouver Campus


Computers, Genetics, Oceans

Contact Information

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Tel: 604-827-3420

Tel: 604-657-5817


Twitter/ HallamLab

Twitter/ ecoscope_ubc

Alternate Contact

Alex Walls

Media Relations Specialist

Tel: 604.822.4636

Cell: 778.984.6173

Email: alex.walls@ubc.ca


Microbial ecology, biological engineering, bioinformatics, entrepreneurship, genomics, single-cell genomics, metabolic pathway inference, metagenomics, environmental genomics, automation systems, synthetic biology, machine learning, information aesthetics, science communication, scholarship of education leadership, functional screening, biocatalyst discovery, bioeconomy, bioenergy, microplastics, anaerobic digestion, cyanobacteria, metabolic interaction networks, symbiosis, climate change, oxygen minimum zones, oceanography, sustainability,

In the Media

The power of microbial cooperation – TedX