Dr. Tara Martin, PhD

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Lou Corpuz-Bosshart

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Decision science, biodiversity, climate change, climate models, conservation, ecological monitoring, ecology, land-use change, landscape ecology, landscape planning, modelling, structured decision-making, climate adaptation, endangered species

In the Media

B.C. government gives okay to trap endangered fishers for fur as scientists warn of impending extinctions – Narwhal, November 2020 Women who take extended maternity leave face a tougher return to work – University Affairs, November 2019 Ottawa ready if First Nations, B.C. can’t produce caribou conservation plan soon – Globe and Mail, November 2019 Deadline for caribou plan looms, as B.C. stalls endangered species action – Globe & Mail, June 2019 B.C. has a whopping 1,807 species at risk of extinction — but no rules to protect them – The Narwhal, May 2019 B.C. stalls on promise to enact endangered species law – The Narwhal, April 2019 Which at-risk species can we afford to save? – Research 2 Reality, February 2019 Saving B.C.’s caribou won’t come without sacrifice, says conservation expert – CBC, Dec 8 2018 ‘We have left it too late’: scientists say some B.C. endangered species can’t be saved – Narwhal, Dec 8 2018 Too expensive to save? Why the best way to protect endangered species could mean letting some go – Globe and Mail, Sep 14 2018 J50 and saving endangered species – CBC BC Today, Sep 12 2018 Victoria’s Coun. Isitt urges CRD to consider buying Owl Island ‘jewel’ – Times Colonist, Mar 8 2017