Professor, Tropical Forestry

Tropical forests, livelihoods, food security, biodiversity, landscape management, ecosystem services, rights-based approaches, conservation,

Chosen name and pronouns
Terence Sunderland (He/Him/His)
In the Media

YouTube: Integrated landscapes approaches: From theory to practice

Forests News: Borneo’s carbon sink

Forests News: Funding a low-carbon future

• UBC Forestry professor and team among lead authors of international collaborative book: Operationalizing landscape approaches in the tropics (November 26 2020)
• Reconciling forest and tree conservation with food security (28th September 2020)
• Palm oil industry leaves Indonesian village struggling with loss and regret (5th June 2020)
• Making room for wild foods in forest conservation (22nd July 2019)
• Global Landscapes Forum salutes UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030 (March 1st 2019)
• Collaborating to operationalize landscape approaches for nature development and sustainability. Global Landscape Forum One World Plenary (29th October 2020)
• Side event: Towards resilient and diverse landscapes and food systems. FTA 2020 Science Conference Forest, trees and agroforestry science for transformational change, 15th September 2020.
• Deforestation and pandemics. Radio interview with Global News Programme, The Shift (26th August 2020)
• Integrated landscape approaches in the tropics (Evidensia webinar), 28th July 2020.
• Landscape Ecology and the Covid-19 Pandemic, IUFRO Landscape Ecology Working Group Webinar, 24th June 2020.
• Securing food and nutrition in a time of crisis: the role of forests, trees and agroforestry. Side event at the Global Landscapes Forum, Bonn, 4th June 2020.
• Operationalising the landscape approach: Learning from doing. Discussion Forum for Global Landscapes Forum Kyoto event, May 13th 2019.
Self-penned blogs
• Learning from doing: Implementing landscape-scale interventions in the tropics UBC’s Branchlines (Winter 2020)
• Mongabay commentary: Communities, conservation, and development in the age of COVID: Time for rethinking approaches (31st August 2020)
• The Conversation: How our food choices cut into forests and put us closer to viruses
• No time to waste: Tropical forests becomes source of warming (9th March 2020)
• Putting the concept of the “landscape approach” into action (8th August 2018)
• Getting landscape approaches off the ground, on the ground (6th August 2018)
• Forests, people and food: Why trees are good for you. 2018. Branchlines, 29: 8-9.
• Forests sustaining agriculture (28th February 2017)
• From Marrakesh to Bali: What does the landscape approach look like in practice? (8th November 2016)
Other blog coverage
• New research closing knowledge gaps for integrated landscape approaches (3rd November 2020)
• COVID-19 pandemic offers opportunity to rethink status quo conservation efforts (29th September 2020)
• Shorter lifespan of fast-growing trees may limit capacity to meet climate change goals (16th September 2020)
• Pressure on forests from unhealthy diets may increase spread of viruses, scientist says (27th August 2020)
• Evidence base still weak, despite popularity of integrated landscape approaches (28th July 2020)
• Survey shows potential impact of palm trees in quantifying rainforest carbon (22nd July 2020)
• Forests can help reshape “dysfunctional” global food system, scientists say (20th July 2020)
• Contribution of Forests, Trees and Agroforestry to Sustainable Food Security and Nutrition in a time of crisis Forests, Trees and Agroforestry (FTA) blog & video, 13th July 2020
• Intact forests can retain high levels of carbon in high temperatures (23rd May 2020)
• Lifting the barriers to improve women and child health in Komodo (28th April 2020)
• Revolutionize food production system or face mass deforestation scientists warn (6th February 2020)