Alternative Medicine

Associate Professor

Health Technologies, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Health Professional Education, Alternative Medicine, CAM, Health Care Deception, Nursing

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Canadian Cancer Society Chair in Cancer Primary Prevention

Cancer prevention, behaviour change, risk factors, quality of life, clinical trials, survivorship, health disparities, Cancer Prevention Centre, worksite wellness, workplace wellness, shift work, sleep, breast cancer, obesity, nutrition, physical activity, exercise, chronic disease, chronic disease prevention

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Clinical Professor
Chair, Clinical Research Ethics Board

Ethics, clinical ethics, research ethics, research ethics boards (REBs), institutional review boards (IRBs), clinical study design, epidemiology, infectious diseases, spontaneous disease remission, cancer immunology, fever, fever management, essential trace elements, Health Canada and FDA Regulations

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Program Director
Clinical Associate Professor

Anesthesiology, pain medicine, pain interventions, autonomic nervous system, rehabilitation, opioids, pain training, point of care, ultrasound, community clinics, regional pain services, movement rehabilitation, yoga, nutrition, prevention, post surgical pain, post trauma pain, headaches, back pain, whiplash, abdominal, fibromyalgia, widespread pain, neuropathic pain, chronic disease, Royal College pain medicine subspecialty, practice based evidence, injury prevention, post surgical care, non opioid pain services, myofacial release, IMS

Clinical Associate Professor
Division of Adolescent Health and Medicine

Adolescent health, Mindfulness, Stress management, Mental Health.

*Note that as I am a clinical faculty member, employed by PHSA / BC Children’s Hospital all media interviews must be approved by PHSA Communications Office

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