Professor Emeritus

Arctic issues, especially history and archaeology; archaeology of Mediterranean, especially Greece and Turkey; Atlantis; Lesbos; underwater archaeology; maritime history

Professor, Animal Welfare
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies
NSERC Industrial Research Chair

Animal welfare, dairy cattle welfare, ethics of animal use, farm animals, animal welfare standards, animal behaviour, agriculture animals

phone: 6048224898
Professor, Animal Welfare Program

Welfare of animals on farms, animal ethics, animal behaviour

phone: 6048222040
Associate Director, Sustainability and Community Programs

sustainable agriculture, organic agriculture, urban agriculture, community-based research, biodiversity, integrated pest management, best management practices, climate change, mitigation, adaptation, resilience, food policy, non-profit organizations, social enterprise

phone: 6046905375
Professor, Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries
Director, Marine Mammal Research Unit
Professor, Dept. of Zoology

marine mammals, seals, sea lions, whales, dolphins, fisheries competition, population biology, ecology

phone: 6048228182
Adjunct Professor

Wild animals, animal welfare, animal science, biology of urban wildlife, oil spill, trophy hunting, wildlife management, exotic animals, zoos, aquariums, captive wildlife, compassionate conservation, animal cruelty, human dimensions, values, public engagement, humane pest control, and animals in research, teaching and testing

phone: 6046476403
Canada Research Chair in Wildlife Restoration Ecology
Assistant Professor TT
Dept. of Biology

Wildlife ecology, large mammals, conservation, deer, elk, bears, wolves, antelope, leopards, predators, human-wildlife conflict, ecology, biodiversity, road ecology, wildlife-vehicle collisions, road kill, wildlife corridors, wildlife management, science communication, citizen science, restoration, national parks, forestry, ranching

Adjunct Professor
Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries

Veterinary pathology, marine mammals and their use as sentinels of environmental health

Adjunct Professor

Animal Law, animal rights, pet custody, condominium and strata disputes, animal bylaw infractions and offences, wildlife management, veterinarian malpractice, dangerous, aggressive, vicious dogs, breeder disputes, dog bite, animal cruelty, animal welfare, animal protection, residential tenancy, wrongful death or injury