Animal Welfare

Adjunct Professor
Applied Biology

Animal welfare, conservation, Wild animals, animal welfare, animal science, biology of urban wildlife, oil spill, trophy hunting, wildlife management, exotic animals, zoos, aquariums, captive wildlife, animal cruelty, human dimensions, values, public engagement, humane pest control, wildlife contraception, animals in research, teaching and testing

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Canada Research Chair in Wildlife Restoration Ecology
Assistant Professor

Wildlife ecology, large mammals, conservation, deer, elk, bears, wolves, antelope, leopards, predators, human-wildlife conflict, ecology, biodiversity, road ecology, wildlife-vehicle collisions, road kill, wildlife corridors, wildlife management, science communication, citizen science, restoration, national parks, forestry, ranching, biological diversity, wild animals,

Professor, Animal Welfare Program

Welfare of animals on farms, animal ethics, animal behaviour

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Professor of Environmental Humanities

Culture and climate change, animals in society, environmental literature, environmental communication, climate scepticism, ecocriticism,

Sessional Instructor
Associate Director, Sustainability and Community Programs

Sustainable agriculture, organic agriculture, urban agriculture, community-based research, biodiversity, integrated pest management, best management practices, climate change, mitigation, adaptation, resilience, food policy, non-profit organizations, social enterprise, biological diversity, sustainable development, crop farming, global warming, greenhouse effect, greenhouse gases

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Veterinary Pathologist
Adjunct Professor
Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries

Veterinary pathology, marine mammal health, infectious disease and anthropogenic impacts on whales, dolphins, porpoises

Adjunct Professor of Animal Law

Animal Law, Animals and the Law, Animal Welfare, Rights of Animals, Dog Bite, Dogs, Cats, Horses, Elephants, Whales, Jane Goodall Act, Lab Animals, Pet Custody, Pet Adoption, Rescue Organizations, Therapy Animals, Animals as Family, Farm Animals, Wildlife, Dangerous Dogs, Aggressive Dogs, Cosmetic Testing Bans, Vivisection, Veterinary Malpractice, Animals in Residential Tenancy, Animals in Stratas or Condos, Service Animals, Seeing Eye Dogs, Paws of Empathy, Animals on Airplanes, Working Dogs, Dog Trainers, Animals in Court, International Animal Law, Whales, Municipal Animal Law, Off Leash Dogs, Dog Parks, Animals in Science and Testing, Animal Lawyer, Animal Rights, Animal Welfare, SPCA, Humane Societies, New Animal Laws, Cat Declawing, Horse and Carriage, Animals For Food, Hunting, Mink Farms, Personhood, Domestic Pets and Violence, The Link, Animal Cruelty, Animal Suffering, Breed Specific Legislation, Dog Attacks, Animal Law Teaching, Political Animals, American Animal Law, Ag-Gag Laws, Cows, Chickens, Farms, Zoos, Circuses, Aquariums, Animals in Elections, Animals in Political Office, Sentient Beings, Animal Law Conferences, Comfort Animals,

Professor, Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries
Director, Marine Mammal Research Unit
Professor, Dept. of Zoology

Marine mammals, seals, sea lions, whales, dolphins, fisheries competition, population biology, ecology, marine life

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NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Animal Welfare

animal welfare, farm animal, livestock, ethics, cattle, animals and society, behaviour, animal care, public attitudes to livestock farming,

Professor Emeritus, Classics and Classical Archaeology

Fifty years of experience in maritime archaeology in Mediterranean and Arctic; classical archaeology in Greece and Turkey. Maritime history of Canada. Maritime museums (on board of Vancouver Maritime Museum for 30 years). Vampire archaeology (National Geographic tv special). Atlantis (once regular on CBC radio and tv on Atlantis stories).