Women’s rights, voting, suffrage, 19th Amendment, Sui Sin Far, early Chinese Canadian history, Chinese Canadian writers, women writers

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Associate Professor and Co-Director, Centre for Korean Research
School of Public Policy and Global Affairs

Korean politics (North and South Korea); U.S.-Korean relations; Korean unification

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Assistant Professor, First Nations Studies Program and Political Science

First Nations politics – national; political theory

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Adjunct Professor

Australian politics, Electoral systems, Federalism, Parliaments (Canadian and comparative)

phone: 6042554092
Associate Professor, Hispanic Studies; Chair, Latin American Studies Program

Latin America, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Central America, Mexico, politics, political theory, cultural studies, literature, culture, film, history, the Left, revolution, revolutionary movements, populism, civil society, affect, habit, multitude, posthegemony, educational technology, blogs, Wikipedia

phone: 6043394213
Director and Associate Professor

Asian Politics, EU politics, geopolitics, China-US relations, Canada-Asia relations, G20, global finance, globalization, global governance, climate change, GMOs, TPP, WTO negotiations, Chinese politics, Chinese economics, Japanese politics, Japanese economy, Euro crisis, European Union, France, French politics

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Associate Professor

Macroeconomics, political institutions and their design, elections and campaign finance, housing and banking regulation, and lobbying.

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Canada Research Chair in Public Opinion, Elections, and Representation

elections; public opinion; representation; Canadian elections: US elections

phone: 6048225456
Sessional Lecturer

christian right politics; party politics; government; electoral reform; coalition formation; neo conservatism; neoliberalism; minor / fringe political party dynamics; neoconservative politics in Canada / US / Great Britain; profile movement; profamily movement; social movement formation, maintenance, challenges; social conservativism

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Assistant Professor of International History

Communications, media, news, international organizations, health, international relations, history, Germany, United States, Europe, Canada, higher education, universities, United Nations, United Kingdom, Great Britain