Vinod Sood Professor of International Business Studies
Professor, Strategy and Business Economics Division
Professor, Operations and Logistics Division
Director, Forest Economics and Policy Analysis Research Unit

Entrepreneurship, innovation, international business, foreign direct investment, forest economics, forest policy, international trade policy, softwood lumber agreement, forest tenure policies, cross-cultural management

phone: 6048229406
phone: 6048223886
Assistant Professor, Centre for Forest Conservation Genetics
Research Associate, Dept. of Forest and Conservation Sciences

Climate models, climate change adaptation, ecosystem climate projection, species range projection, assistant migration, global warming, greenhouse effect, greenhouse gases

phone: 6048221845
Professor Emeritus

BC forestry, forest management, silviculture

phone: 6048222504
Associate Professor

Energy, bioenergy, energy poverty, renewable energy, energy and development, nuclear energy, energy policy, energy and environment, energy and resources

work phone: 6048274468