Philippe Le Billon


Natural resources and armed conflicts, oil, political economy of war, corruption

Dr. Juan José Alava, PhD

Dr. Juan José Alava, PhD

Research Associate & Principal Investigator

marine eco-toxicology, ocean conservation and pollution, environmental toxicology and chemistry, food web bioaccumulation modeling of pollutants (Bioaccumulation Science), ocean pollution by plastics/microplastics, sea turtles and marine mammals’ eco-toxicology, marine ecology, conservation biology, tropical biodiversity, and ecology, fishery science and management, climate change science, the impact of climate change and acidification in marine organisms and fisheries, climate change adaptation strategies in fisheries, population dynamics and conservation of marine mammals, biology and conservation of marine mammals, seabirds and sea turtles, field ornithology, aquatic microbiology, eco-toxicological risk assessment, environmental impact assessments and environmental policy, public health, tropical parasitology, and environmental/conservation medicine,

Rajesh Vijayaraghavan

Assistant Professor

Accounting and risk management in financial institutions, disclosure, corporate governance and performance measurement, corporate finance, applications of machine learning

Jack (John) Saddler, PhD

Professor of Bioenergy/Biofuels

Bioconversion, biofuels, Bioenergy, Biojet fuels, drop in biofuels, biorefinery, renewable energy, pulp and paper, bioeconomy, climate change, sustainable development, global warming, greenhouse effect, greenhouse gases