Women’s Reproductive and Bone Health

Jerilynn C. Prior

Jerilynn C. Prior


Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism

Scientific Director, CeMCOR (Centre for Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation Research)

Women’s Health, Endocrinology, Menstrual Cycles, Ovulation, Short Luteal Phases, Anovulation, Vasomotor Symptoms, Hot Flushes/Night Sweats, Perimenopause, Menarche, Menopause, Bone Physiology, Estradiol, Progesterone, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Testosterone, Anovulatory Androgen Excess, Gender Equality, Cycle Phase Difference, Gender and Sex Differences, Aging, Osteoporosis, Calcium, Vitamin D, Contraception, Cyclic Progesterone Therapy, Infertility, Reproductive Aging, Quantitative Basal Temperature, Diagnosis of Ovulation, Breast Physiology, Cardiovascular Physiology, Breast Cancer, Endometrial Cancer, Women’s Interest in Sex, Eating Attitudes, Relative Energy Deficiency-Sport, Premenstrual Symptoms, Cramps/Dysmeorrhea, Heavy Flow/Menorrhagia, Amenorrhea, Oligomenorrhea, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Vaginal Dryness, Menstruation, ovulation, osteoporosis, perimenopause, menopause, hot flushes, progesterone, estrogen dominance, women’s health, menopause, birth control pills, breast health, calcium, vitamin D, insulin resistance, eating attitudes/eating restraint, premenstrual symptoms, anovulatory androgen excess (PCOS), polycystic ovary syndrome