UBC Experts Guide updates

Updates of information on UBC Experts Guide.

  • (E.g. Dr., Prof.)
  • Visit namedrop.io to quickly record a short audio clip with correct pronunciation of your name and paste a link to the recording here. Signup and recording takes less than 2 minutes.
  • This is VOLUNTARY, and will be visible only to UBC Media Relations staff. You may identify with more than one group (hold down Ctrl or ⌘ to make multiple selections). All information is kept strictly confidential and will be used to encourage equitable access to media opportunities.
  • This self-identification is intended to capture your ancestry which may be different from one's birthplace, citizenship, or language. If you are of mixed descent, please indicate this by checking off all that apply (hold down Ctrl or ⌘ to make multiple selections).
  • Enter your social media channels. For example, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • Enter a CONCISE list of COMMA-separated keywords or terms that relate to your area(s) of expertise. These words and terms will be used in searches for UBC experts.
  • Please select a file to upload (i.e. jpg, gif, png). Photos must be in the dimensions of 375H x 375W pixels.
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, Max. file size: 20 MB.
  • Please provide URL link + headline of the article