Gender and diversity in organizations, power and status in groups, ostracism, harassment and bullying, work-family interface

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Assistant Professor

Bullying, diversity, equity, gender and women’s studies, HIV / AIDS, Filipino, race, sexuality, migration, immigration, social services, Philippines, HIV, cities, diversity, multiculturalism, racism, caregivers, nannies, LGBT, gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer

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Professor of Media & Technology
Co-Director, Institute of Critical Education Studies

Academic freedom, craft, cultural history, design studies, design and technology, digital literacy, digital media, educational technology and learning technologies, environmental studies, higher education, history of education, history and philosophy of research, history of medicine, history of social sciences, maker movement, media, media studies, learning, open access, research design and methodology, subcultures, science and technology studies (STS), STEM education, technology

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Senior Instructor

Relational practice, mindfulness, smartUBC, aboriginal health, spirituality, interprofessional collaboration and education

Clinical Associate Professor
Head, Division of Adolescent Health and Medicine

Adolescent Medicine, Adolescent Health, Resilience, Mental Health, Mindfulness, Eating Disorders, Substance Use Disorders,

*Note that as I am a clinical faculty member, employed by PHSA / BC Children’s Hospital all media interviews must be approved by PHSA Communications Office