Lecturer; Acting Associate Head

television, popular culture, women and popular culture, eighteenth-century theatre and fiction, eighteenth-century depictions of indigenous women

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Associate Professor

First Nations and Indigenous (Aboriginal) literature, First Nations issues, gender and First Nations cultures, violence against Aboriginal women, prison writing in Canada.

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Academic Director

Vancouver Downtown Eastside, Community Education, Free Community Education with Downtown Eastside Residents who Experience Marginalization, Poverty, Addictions and Education, Community-University Relationships, Representation, Cultural Studies, Critical and Creative Pedagogy, Interdisciplinarity, Site-Specific Art, Collectives, Implicatedness, Activism

phone: 6048220028

technology, media, cultural studies, gender, queer theory, deviance studies, post-colonial pedagogies

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Associate Professor

Victorian literature, nineteenth-century literature, the novel, Thomas Hardy, George Eliot, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, Emily Brontë, environmental humanities, feminist theory, feminist criticism, psychoanalysis, utopia

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phone: 6048224075
Faculty Associate

Dialogue, public engagement, community engagement, conflict management,diversity, religion, Jewish law, Jewish ethics, gender, sexuality, rhetoric, equity, inclusion, religious authority, history of Judaism, Talmud, Bible, biblical interpretation, translation, cultural studies, ancient and medieval Hebrew literature, critical theory, creativity, innovation, racism



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Popular music, Caribbean music, barbershop harmony, sound, music and power, music and politics, ethnomusicology, world music

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Senior Instructor

Medieval history, English common law 12-17 centuries, medieval women and the family, medieval social and legal history, pre-modern marriage

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Honorary Professor

Amphibian biology, biology of tadpoles, prostate cancer, psychosocial oncology, men’s health, castration, gender studies, transgenderism, eunuchs in history, and emasculation

phone: 6045639915
Dean and Professor

Boys’ and men’s sociology of health,
Masculinities and schooling
gender and schooling
Sexualities and schooling
professional development in education

phone: 6048225757
Associate Professor

Adult education, environmental education, literacy, comparative education, gender and development, Southeast Asian studies.

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Senior Advisor to the President
Fellow of the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation
Dean, Peter A. Allard School of Law

Immigration law, refugee law, public law, transnational law

phone: 6048273055
Assistant Professor

philosophy, ethics, political philosophy, coercion, privacy, women’s issues, feminism, autonomy, prostitution, sexual harassment, sexual assault

phone: 6048224769

Women’s sexuality, reproductive health and decision-making, psychosocial consequences of infertility, voluntary and involuntary childlessness, delayed childbearing, fertility knowledge and awareness, egg freezing to delay childbearing

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phone: 6047107740
Professor and Graduate Advisor
Associate, IGRSJ

modern Japanese culture (literature, film, manga, animation, kamishibai); East Asian women’s issues; anti-racist pegagogy

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